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Building Business in Times of Uncertainty

This interactive session is designed for senior level management looking to take advantage of market conditions. It will give the participants insightful ideas on how to evaluate their business, modify strategy/culture, and uncover new business opportunities.

Session Outline:

I. What Management Can and Should Expect
  A. Using reactive versus proactive strategies
  B. Evaluating business opportunities
    i. Stability and quality of assets
    ii. Strength and weakness of customer relationships
  C. “Ostrich” and “Eagle” syndrome and how to manage both

Executing against the Opportunities
  A. Perception vs. reality - customer, employee, and management will see things differently
  B. What are the opportunities for:
    i. Finding new assets and customers
    ii. Transitioning “Bad” or unprofitable customers
    iii. Redefine and/or change business focus and culture
    iv. Catalyst for “behavioral shift” in customers, employees, and management

Formula for Success
  A. The importance of putting first things first - vision, mission, strategy, and tactics
  B. Managing the change - evaluate, isolate, prioritize, delegate, measure, and re-evaluate
  C. Meeting the communication challenge

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